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Small Claims

Please See the Bottom of the Page for recent Case Studies

In the UK every year over 20,000 small business's go bankrupt due to invoices not being paid. Many companies go out on an act of faith to take on a job or client without asking for money up front and find themselves left out of pocket. Even after forceful phone calls and letters money is still not paid. Most people/companies think they can ignore any threats because in small debts of under £10000 it is too costly to involve High Street Solicitors to take action and recover the debt. As well as business's, Individuals are sent letters threatening Court Action and bailiffs unless they pay some unfair sum of money.

This is where CPL Consultants and the Court Service can come to your rescue. Whether your pursuing money or defending against a claim we are here with many years of legal experience to do whatever it takes to help and advise you.


We Operate a Simple System of


and if we do win the charges are-:

Any Claim of a Value up to £2000    -  £250+Vat *

Any Claim of a Value up to £4000    -  £450+Vat *

Any Claim of a Value up to £5000    -  £500+Vat*

Any Claim of a Value over £5000   -   Please enquire

Making a Claim

We specialise in small claims where the costs of employing High Street Solicitors far outweigh the money involved in the case. Small claims are where the value of the case is £1000 or less. However we do deal with more complex Fast Track Cases where the Value exceeds £10000.00.

The most common types of claims in the small claims track are -:

  • compensation for faulty services, i.e. by builders, dry cleaners, garages, etc
  • money owed by customers/ clients for work carried out
  • Breach of Contract, where 1 party does not fully conclude a written or oral agreement between 2 parties
  • compensation for faulty goods, i.e. televisions or dishwashers/washing machines, etc
  • disputes between landlords and tenants
  • wages owed or money in lieu

In 95% of all small claims money owed is paid upon the receipt of a Letter of Imminent action sent by CPL Consultants and we successfully defend as many small claims as we do prosecute them. We make sure we offer a low cost service to make sure you get what is rightfully yours. Please peruse our prices and give us a call today or email our small claims legal experts at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today.


If a case is prosecuted/defended then CPL Consultants will take your instructions and discuss the circumstances and will provide advice on what the costs may be so that you can objectively make a decision on whether to proceed or not. We believe instructing CPL Consultants is the most cost efficient way of either recovering money or defending a claim because the Small Claims track specifically prescribes what limited costs you may recover from the other side. These include-:

  • Fixed Costs relating to issuing the claim
  • Court Fees
  • Witness expenses for travel and loss of earnings up to £50 per day
  • Expert fees up to £200 per expert
  • A Statutory amount of legal fees

If you need help with any aspect of small claims and don't want to be ripped off by High Street Solicitors then please either email our Legal Experts at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

01282 686580 or 01282 686581

or please email our Legal Small Claims Experts at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


"I have worked with CPL Legal Services a number of times over the last 12 months. We contacted them when we had exhausted all other methods to recover outstanding debts. To date we have recovered 100% of the outstanding debts along with enough costs to cover any bills.

A Fantastic Service."

Mr Andrew Ratcliffe, Managing Director - KEY DIGITAL Ltd

"We are a new client for CPL Legal Services and we have used them to chase up our overdue debts, so far they have had a 100% success rate which is much higher than our previous solicitors. Highly recommended – keep up the good work!"

Ms Jenna Tattersall , Managing Director - First European Logistics


Claims Case Studies


Claimant: St Josephs School, PARKHILL - BURNLEY

Defendant: CPL Consultants on behalf of Client


Particulars of Claim.


Our Client had placed his Daughter into the Private School for her Education. He found that the Standards and Behaviour of the School towards his daughter meant he had to find a different School. As per his contract he was duty bound to send the school a letter advising them of her removal at least 1 School term before she was due to leave. He sent in this letter 2 terms before she was due to leave so as to make no mistakes. Upon leaving the school the attitude of the Staff was as expected but he had paid all bills and invoices right to the end of the year as well as giving the required notice. His daughter left the school in 2007 and moved to another school.

As the Financial Meltdown took hold in 2008 a lot of Private Schools felt the strain and some had to close. However some found other ways of trying to make money. It was in this atmosphere that in 2010 the Defendant received a letter from the school demanding £1440 or they would take legal action and they would charge the defendant all the Legal fees on top. As the Head of the Governors was a prominant Barrister this created a lot of upset and fear for the Defendant.  He advised them that they had received his letter but got no reply and was subsequently taken to court. He attempted mediation but the school was not interested and a Court date was set. He had visited many different Solicitors who all stated that the average cost would exceed £2000 for a defence plus £400 for a court appearance fee. Finally, the Client took advantage of the expertise found with CPL Consultants.

We were appalled at these bully boy tactics of the so called Christian establishment and immediately took action. A full and comprehensive case was put together and even though there was no proof of postage from the Client we felt we could argue favourably for our Client.

The Case was heard in March 2011 after many different tactics and lies from the Claimants.



See Judgement Below:-

Parkhill School Burnley Judgement


Claimant: First European Logistics - BURNLEY


Defendant: Citadel Enviromental Services





First European contacted us after exhausting all other avenues and using the services of The Thomas Higgins Partnership to recover a large Debt owed by Citadel Enviromental. The facts of the case are that Citadel employed First European to deliver a package on a "groupage service" to Mertingen in Germany. Due to a Breakdown the Delivery Vehicle was overdue but First European did everything in their power, including extra expense to get the delivery there as soon as possible. Even after contact by Thomas Higgins the debt remained and Citadel were emboldened not to pay even resorting to taunts.

We took on the case and using the Existing Legislation written into the Convention on the Contract for the Internataional Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) we notified Citadel of why they were in breach and what the conseqences were. WIthin 10 days of receipt of our Letter before Action First European received the funds in full.

First European Recovered nearly £1000 and the cost of our services was only £40






Defendant: CPL Consultants on behalf of Client


Particulars of Claim.


Our Client had employed Loop Publishing who own a Magazine to place advertisements in a particular section of the magazine. The magazine published the Advertisement at the back of the magazine and our Client refused to pay. We argued that the placement of the advertisement was an integral part of the Contract whereas Loop Publishing argued that our Client had paid for advertising, and as they had published a magazine with an Advertisement in it they had fulfilled their contract and wanted to be paid.



See Judgement Below:-

Loop Publishing Small Claims Judgement


Claimant: CPL Consultants on Behalf of our Client

Defendant: Lostock Grove Care Home

Particulars of Claim.


Our Client is a local IT & Stationary supplier and due to a Goverment Grant a Care home contacted them for £1000 worth of Goods. The Defendants took delivery of the Goods but then claimed they were not the same as ordered and refused to pay. Our Client gave them many chances and they refused to Pay. We took on the case using our No-Win No-Fee system and argued on behalf of the Contract arranged.

The Value of the Goods were £960 but we claimed both interest and compensation and our Client was awarded £1202 for the goods and £260.00 for Legal costs. As our Fees were only £250 our Client has made a profit.


See Judgement Below:-

Small Claims Judgement








Don't be scared and Call or Email now for Advice and Help

01282 686580 or 01282 686581

or please email our Legal Small Claims Expert at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


CPL Legal Services are Registered in the UK at Companies house and Registered for VAT. *On top of our Costs all Court Fees must Be Paid by the Client either in Loss or Victory.



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